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Default Bushcraft/Survival YouTube channels!

For the past few years I've been very interested in Bushcraft/Survival Skills. I've been very lucky to find a whole wealth of information provided by some great guys who use YouTube. I would have posted these a long time ago but I have been having a break from here Conspiralcy Overload

Anyways better late than never

In no particular order but please check out their channels:-

Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters and The Pathfinder School.
He has over 300 videos, from common mans bushcraft (doing bushcraft/survival on the cheap), Bow making, Flint Knapping, water purification, fire making, tent and tarp setups, survival fishing kits, Cooking, Herbal medicines, Plant and tree recognision, Navigation, how to turn a catapult into a catapult that can fire arrows etc etc...
I highly recommend you check out his videos!! He's a Legend in the making!

Dave Wendall of Bushcraft on Fire

Similar to Dave C's but with other info aswell. Well worth checking out!

Paul Scheiter of Hedgehog Leatherworks

Not as many on this guys channel but still some great videos!

Mike Dixon of Stoneage Bushcraft

Alot of videos more focused on the English woodlands, but knowledge travels worldwide

John Campbell of Arizona Bushman

Alot of videos on mostly desert style bushcraft but also a lot of relevant info for anywhere in the world.

Sean Mulhall - The Silverfox

Again mostly UK based woodland bushcraft but lots of great information!

fredde from Sweden

Some great info/tips here, unfortunately the videos aren't always great quality but the info is


Hehe although this isn't strictly bushcraft he does some great survival knife/tool/equipment reviews! A gun/knife enthusiast from America with some great knowledge and skills. His camping/hiking videos are good to watch as they show more of the bushcraft. Well I am gonna include this cos as I say the reviews are very very good if you are buying a bushcraft knife and his gun/knife law philosophy is good too.

Ashley Cawley & Justin Telford of NaturalBushcraft

More good videos, mostly UK based bushcraft, lots of useful tips and info.

Kevin of survivalistboards

LOADS of videos, alot of info, he is very SHTF focused.

RitchiePowell's - Ray Mears channel

This person has uploaded almost all of Ray Mears Series (note to Moderators I am unsure if I am allowed to link this one as its not his own work, if so please remove this link)

Anyways if you enjoy their videos please subscribe to their YouTube channels I am not affiliated to any of them, so don't blame me if you don't like what you see

There is literally months worth of viewing, I accept no responsibility from your loved ones regarding your time spent viewing these hehe
I hope you find some of these channels useful, perhaps some of them you already know about. Thanks for reading and enjoy the videos.


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