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Default Why Babies Cry

It's always been a puzzle to me why babies seem to have such a hard time of it... they seem to spend a lot of time crying ... this crying can't be explained as demands for food , or the nappy needs changing , and the distress level seems very high.

We see none of this type of behavior in chimps of gorillas , or cats or dogs , or another life forms...

Pane Andov may have discovered the answer. He's a master at astral travelling , and his observations over many years have drawn him to the conclusion that certain types of ET send out orbs to mix among us and suck our energy ... These orbs are normally invisible , but sometimes show up on cameras , and are visible to babies and experienced astral travelers...

He has observed orbs hovering around babies ... inducing terror in them , and feeding off the energy this terror induces ..

Pane talks about his observations in this video clip , cued at the correct time.
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