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NWO putting its people on the trigger of the nuclear arsenal?

A few years back there was a spate of sackings of high ranking army personnel who were responsible for managing the nuclear arsenal of the US

There was also investigations and allegations of high drug use in that area.

However are these sackings really to do with improving the safety of the nuclear weapons division or is it about the NWO replacing people they think will be reluctant to press the button with more psychopathic people who will press the button if ordered to by the deep state?

A story from davids headlines today about a high ranking general who was possibly suicided

US Army: two-star major general committed suicide at Alabama base
Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:36AM

Recent death of a two-star US general at an army base has been officially ruled as suicide, pointing to the growing concerns about persistently high rate of suicide in the ranks of the US military.

The 55-year-old major general, identified as John Rossi from New York, was the incoming commander of Redstone Arsenal in the southern US state of Alabama, when he was found dead on July 31 at the military installation, which has served as the Army’s center for missile and rocket programs for over 50 years, but an unnamed Army spokesman said in a Friday statement that “the official cause of [his] death was suicide.”
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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