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Originally Posted by yankee451 View Post
Let me see, so for 12 years the so-called "truth movement" has been leading us in circles but I'm the saboteur for pointing it out. You have a dizzying intellect.

You keep using those words, but you keep neglecting to specify what court will hear the case, who will investigate it, who will prosecute and who will punish the guilty. Care to elaborate?

I use my real name and face, and I'm in the book. I was already exposed...WTF are YOU again?
The circles are the endless speculative debates like the one you`re having here, totally diverting the thread. This is sabotage. If you insist on talking about no planes regardless of what the topic is you are effectively a saboteur.
Because of these endless technical debates no attention has been directed against the obvious signs of US government responsibility for the attacks. With all the diversions you`re so fond of the guilty can be basically anybody, ranging from Britain and Israel to the Russians and Chinese, and you get nowhere.
The drills prove conclusively that it was the US government that ran the attacks. No planes debates do not. Since the drills are the only path which clearly proves US government responsibility, a focused push to get to the people who arranged the drills could have yielded lasting political results. No plane debates result in nothing.
You are exposed as a saboteur and consciously or not a disinfo operative, working to keep distractions at the center of 9/11 Truth, and you`re not alone. This is because you, and most people in the truth movement, are behaving like one. If you weren`t behaving like one you wouldn`t be exposed. It`s very simple. The only thing you can do is stop behaving like a saboteur by derailing other people`s conversations with your incessant no plane stuff which doesn`t matter in the slightest.

If you have any intelligent remarks on the drills this thread is about then feel free. If you have more no planes speculation please go to one of your 500 threads about that instead of derailing.

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