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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
They're all to be trusted ,they ALL agree on the fundamentals . Stop obsessing on personalities , it's irrelevant. What's important is what you are doing about this information. If you're not heading for the hills , If you're not getting dug in somewhere (literally underground), making sure you have a secure food supply, then all this understanding has been a waste of time, you'll be in a food line like everybody else.
I agree he talks like it's a forgone conclusion , like they've already won , we have to excuse him if after decades of studying this dark stuff he's been dragged down and lost hope. That does'nt mean we have to lose hope too!
He's just here to tell us what's happening . We each have to decide what we do with this information , and off course its all true , every body's agreed on the situation we're in. But what are you going to do about it? Just wait for the crash and go to a camp when your food runs out?
There seems only two ways out . ET intervention or military coup in the US.
But you can't sit back and wait , you have to make preparations if either of these two don't happen.
The ONLY PERSON anyone can truly trust is themselves. It takes YOURSELF to truly come to the conclusion, about what you do and don't accept.

Don't come around here and dictate to us about who to trust. How do YOU know what anybody says is true? How do YOU know who to trust and not to trust?

If you're basing your TRUST solely off what someone says. Which is "similar" to what someone (s) else is saying. Then You could be led astray and wouldn't even know it.

I trust my intuition and I allow it to lead me to the truth. That is who I trust.
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand."
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