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Originally Posted by marpat View Post
They will need to keep the number so that there will be a record of it even if it is destroyed. Why would you want to do such a thing anyway, it sounds ridiculous. Do you think that you will be able to evade paying road tax or something?
I have a similar problem which I would like to state is not ridiculous. Well it's my son's problem. My son bought a moped and it has never been on the road since he bought it and sent the registration documents of to dvla for the records to be changed. Not knowing that he had to send in a SORN statement to say that it is off the road he was sent a fine. I consequently sent the necessary paperwork off but he was told he still needs to pay the fine. He is not that good with officialdom and I know that he will not renew the SORN each year so I would rather he didn't have the bike which doesn't work anyway. No one will buy it as the parts needed are obsolete so he needs a solution. Sending the plates to DVLA seems like a good solution to me.
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