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Originally Posted by dankai View Post
To piggie-back off of what you just mentioned, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Dept here in the U.S. has printed and given $2 Trillion to someone and they're not revealing who or for what purpose.
Hi Dankai,


Don't mind you "piggie-backing" at all, as long as you speak for Truth...!?

Tbh, I've not seen any such News, yet...but, there you go!!

After 9/11 we were told, all money laundering will be outlawed...!?

Hmm, I suppose, such laws do not apply to them...!?

Lastly, if what you're saying, is true...then, the "Nuke Story" is a done deal...their last throw of the "Blackjack" dice...!?

TRUTH...not mine!

The Sane Hiker
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