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To Be honest i don't know if it can be changed. Gang stalking is done to mimic mental illness and its very hard for someone to say who is a genuine victim and who is really suffering from mental illness. Not many people will refuse to play along with there games knowing that failure to do so may mean some type of punishment or possibly being gang stalked themselves. The only way to beat it is to ignore it and sort out each problem without accusing people of conspiracies or having malicious intentions against you. remember the person who is doing this to you is probably suffering extreme frustration and anger at you not responding so by not responding you are beating them and probably causing them grief. Have you ever tried to wind some one up only to have them not respond or agree with everything you say it becomes very frustrating and only makes you more angry. This is my way of coping with this situation and i am in no way saying its the perfect answer but by not responding your not going to end up in a mental institution which i believe may be there ultimate goal. This way requires great strength and discipline but the alternatives are to bad to for me to think about. If someone as alternative ideas i will be pleased to listen.
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