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His books are available online through lulu ninjashoes

I agree too, he is like no other.

Love him or loathe him, I personally find his view and thoughts; on everything, reveal tonnes more than what was offered previous.
He takes it to another level and understanding, and presents it in a way that makes you re-think it again.
Plus many topics and info no one else realised or pointed out before.
Symbolism (alot more than secret communication), Christmas, New years eve, the Olympics, the music industry, cryptic and hypnotic song lyrics, festivals, energy extraction events and public enslavement rituals/holidays, 2012, charities, the red cross, giving emotional respect and energy to celebs and symbolism they carry, the alien abduction 'phenomena', Princess Diana (complete opposite to Icke's view of her as far as The Biggest Secret goes), spiritual disease, the serpent cult and their symbolic representatives, knighted celebs, Bob geldolf - live 8/aid + more, Royal meet and greets of britain and abroad/ancient save the king rituals, ancient Egypt and the modern day versions of rituals, King tuts tomb, Public monuments/statues and protests/gathering in numbers in public places, offering tools to break the spiritual entrance.. etc..

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. It is in no way the limit of subjects he discusses in his works, just what has stuck in my head and I can recall now.

Only wanted to point out to onlookers that he does a heck of a lot more than discuss the shambles of the truth 'movement' (like taking a dump?)
Jokes aside, I have no idea where its moving to.

Please don't let me tar any ones vision or thoughts regarding Matthew, his work is legit on its own without my praise or personal judgement. I do recommend people take an unbiased look at his work if your not familiar and/or yearn for spiritual freedom or would like a different point of view.

Respect and love yourself no matter what - Matthew Delooze
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