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Savile was a member of the Knights Hospitalier which was a group strongly analogous to the Knights Templar but a kind of 'lite' version.

Basically the Knights of the Hospital took over the holdings of the Temple Knights, and similarly, the Hospitalier knights were associated with Jerusalem pilgrims.

Anonymous said...
Given Savile's untouchability, his hardcore associations with the extremely powerful, and, tellingly for mine, his elevation to the ranks of such groups as the Knights of Malta, I'd say the question, 'Was Jimmy Savile being used by the intelligence services?' should be turned on its head. Which is to say, it's far more likely that they worked for him, ie. he was a powerbroker and called the shots.

The idea that he rubbed shoulders (and in no small way) with royalty, presidents, and prime ministers because he was, I don't know... 'fun', fails in the face of the likelihood of him being one of their peers. Hell, let's scratch the word 'peer' and insert
'senior' or 'mentor'. They pretty much tell us this themselves.

Just the fact that he refused to own a computer speaks volumes. He knew what a computer was: a means by which the intelligence services could entrap and catch lower-pecking-order paedophiles (thus magnifying the fear and loathing attached to their blackmail threat). Neither Gary Glitter nor Pete Townshed knew this. Savile was possessed of 'intelligence' in the same way that they weren't.

Putting all this together, under the logic of as-likely-as-any-other-thing I'd guess that Savile was the kind of 'senior' that comes with 33rd degree masonry (or higher), or satanist high-priesthood. Or both. It's almost certain to be something like that.
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