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Originally Posted by ufochick View Post
With only 3 hours of notice to employees 5 walmart stores across America have been closed. One in my city of Tulsa. All were fully stocked and all used the same excuse "Plumbing problems" though no pumbing problems had been reported and no work permits for plumbing issues have been obtained.

New has it that within the last 18 months months FEMA has signed contracts with the retail giant to supply goods during disasters. (see link)


The social media and militia boards are lit up in the US with many making guesses as to why the stores have been closed all agreeing that the "plumbing issues" excuse is a lie.

Why close a fully functioning and fully stocked walmart? In the pas closings have been planned so the merchandise was liquidated before the store's actually closing.

The Tulsa store is now protected by armed security and the front has been closed off with black plastic.
We need to couple this info along with information about people receiving troop callups. Already there was been published today a massive order for ammunition beyond what has been reported in the past. it would be interesting to know when the extra Walmart guards were requisitioned and things of that nature. Things that happen overnight are usually long in planning. involving truckers deliveries being cancelled, store managers taking vacations, notices to utility companies etc At what inventory level was the store left at, 100% capacity, were workers working heavy overtime in the past weeks. They ususally sontact people on the state payroll to let them know in advance of layoffs forthcoming. No matter how close they play their cards , there are usually indicators
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