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Ringerike Coat of arms..

The Saga of Erik the Viking...
Ringerike is a municipality in Buskerud county, Norway.. It is part of the traditional region of Ringerike.. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Hønefoss..The municipality of Ringerike was created on 1 January 64 after the merger of the town of Hønefoss and the rural municipalities of Hole, Norderhov, Tyristrand, and Ådal.. However, the area of Hole was removed from the municipality of Ringerike on 1 January 77 to become a separate municipality once again.. The historic area of Ringerike included not just the modern municipality of Ringerike but also Hole and (sometimes) the eastern parts of Modum and Krødsherad..

The Stranglers - I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before...

The Old Norse form of this name (in Norraen Tunga) was Hringaríki.. The first element is (probably) the genitive plural of hringir, the name of an old Germanic tribe.. The last element is ríki n 'kingdom, reich'..The coat-of-arms is from modern times.. They were granted on 16 June 1967. The arms show a gold ring on a red background..The colours red and gold represent royalty and are the royal colors of Norway.. The ring is a canting symbol and at the same time symbolises the unity of the area, which has been a separate entity (even considered a petty kingdom) since medieval times...

Hønefoss, largest town administrative centre of Ringerike..

Dagling or Dögling was a legendary clan of the petty kingdom Ringerike.. It was descended from a Dag the Great. One of the sons of Dag the Great according to Hversu Noregr Byggðist was Óli, who was the father of Dag, the father of Óleif the father of Hring (the old king Ring of Frithiof's Saga), the father of Olaf, the father of Helgi, the father of Sigurd Hjort, the father of Ragnhild, who was the mother of Harald Fairhair...

In the early Viking Age, before Harald Fairhair became the first king of Norway, Ringerike was a petty kingdom.. Sigurd Hjort, king of Ringerike, was the father of Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter, the mother of Harald Fairhair.. Following Harald's consolidation of Norway in the late 800s, the kingdom appears to have been ruled by a series of local jarls and client kings.. One, Harald's son Halfdan Haleg, met his end in Orkney at the hands of Jarl Torf-Einarr.. This was an act of revenge !..A later sub-king of Ringerike, Sigurd Syr, was the father of Harald Hardråde and the step father of Olav den hellige, both kings of Norway. According to the Heimskringla, "(When) King Olaf Tryggvason came to Ringerike to spread Christianity, Sigurd Syr and his wife allowed themselves to be baptized"...

Ringerike is famous for two agriculture products; Ringerike potato (Ringerikspotet) and Ringerike pea (Ringeriksert).. Jens Aabel first started production of Ringerike potato around 1867..The following cities are twinned with Ringerike-Aabenraa, Region of Southern Denmark-Lohja, Southern Finland-Emmeloord, Flevoland, Netherlands-Skagaströnd, Iceland-Växjö, Kronoberg County, Sweden-Vera, Almería, Spain..Flevoland was named after Lacus Flevo, a name recorded in Roman sources for a large inland lake at the southern end of the later-formed Zuiderzee.. Draining the Flevoland polders revealed many wrecks of aircraft that had crashed into the IJsselmeer during World War II, and also fossils of Pleistocene mammals... your Revelation, you spoke of the consequences of an individual's life rippling through eternity..Does this mean that you beliebe in an afterlife?. In a Heaven or a Hell?..

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