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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Another Psyop ? Just 2 days after the Shoreham disaster was put back in the headlines :-
Probably quite an easy drill to perform. And since you mention Kegworth, which occurred during the rush hour for "disasters" under PM Thatcher, that one deserves to be looked at carefully

Watch the pilot Kevin Hunt - no small amount of duping.

source -

looks like a plane body was exploded in the centre and at the tail.

hit the embankment at 100mph, came to a standstill in one second.....
some g force there..
check the make up at 0.57 here -

Brace brace!

How it was staged, I have no idea

I guess the road between the runway and the M1 motorway,Ashby Road, the A453, could be sealed off easily, under cover of darkness - the plane only took off at 19:52 hrs on January 8 1989.

Of the 118 passengers on board, 39 were killed outright in the crash and eight died later of their injuries, for a total of 47 fatalities. All eight members of the crew survived the accident. Of the 79 survivors, 74 suffered serious injuries and five suffered minor injuries.
And here's the captain [wheelchair, looking very cheerful before his "sacking" some time later in 1991] and first officer David McClelland, successfully sued for wrongful dismissal.

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