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& Disorder..


Although it is now out of print in America and Britain, it was released on TIDAL in 2016..Prince refused to promote the album, still engaged in his fight against his Warner Bros. contract, and the album was released simply to fulfill his contractual obligations..It reached number 26 in the US and number 14 in the UK- The Warner's were born to a family of Jewish Poles from the village of Krasnosielc..Krasinski is the surname of a Polish noble-aristocratic family..

Sign of the times Susan..

2016 Thursday April 21 - Elizabeth II, queen regnant of the UK & Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, celebrates her 90th birthday..Obama is scheduled to have lunch with Prince Philip & Queen - Solar Impulse 2, a plane powered only by the sun, takes off from Kalaeloa, Hawaii, USA, on the ninth leg of its around-the-world journey - The Ethiopian Army crosses the border into South Sudan with the latter's approval in search of more than 100 children who were kidnapped and spirited across the border in a surprise attack by unknown assailants that also killed 208 people a few days ago - Six high ranking Pakistan Army officers, including a lieutenant-general and major-general, are sacked by Chief of Army Staff amid corruption allegations within the army - The Olympic flame is lit outside the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece, by Greek actress Katerina Lehou, with participation in many theatrical plays, cinematic and in many Greek TV series..

Princess Elizabeth's 21st Birthday..

US President Barack Obama, at the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in Saudi Arabia, says the US will continue to deter and confront aggression against Gulf Arab state - More than 100 are feared dead in an early summer heatwave in India which has forced the closure of schools - At least 2 people are killed after an oceanfront stretch of an elevated bike lane in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, collapses when it was hit by a strong wave..2 other people were rescued alive, while another may be missing..The bike lane was among the projects built in preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte says he shot a fellow law student at San Beda College - Ansar Dine, an Islamic extremist group claims responsibility for kidnapping 3 International Committee of the Red Cross staffers this weekend in Abeïbara in northeastern Mali - Amnesty International says the Nigerian Army killed 350 members of the Islamic Movement and secretly buried them in mass graves in the city of Zaria in Kaduna State - At least 24 people are killed, 136 others injured, and 8 workers still missing from yesterday's blast at the major Clorados 3 petrochemical plant of Petroquimica Mexicana de Vinilo - Yesterday, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent medically evacuated 515 people from four communities besieged by government & rebel groups - Warner Bros. one of the "Big Six" major American film studios - Romano is a Roman Catholic Emmerich grandfather was an art dealer who collected for J. P. Morgan - Tsujihara became the first person of Asian descent to run a major Hollywood studio... password for the house?..Purity Control..Are you sure of that?..I don't believe the FBI currently has an investigative unit qualified to pursue the evidence in hand..Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself?.What is its nature?.What does she do, this person you seek?..I thought, I thought if I could save just one..I bet they work too hard..They always seem so knowledgeable..Oh, they are very knowledgeable about all sorts of things..How do you feel about wrapping the rest of the presents?..

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