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Before I go, I leave yall with this tips.
So we've learned that ALL is Mental.
Look at it this way, whether it's machines which is emitting anger frequency or your colleague shouting at you with anger, frequency is the same. You have a choice to accept that energy or redirect it elsewhere so that you won't join in on their game of making you angry.

They are manipulating you, you manipulate back, create what you want.
If they are trying to screw you, screw them.

I haven't really thought about the physical side of things but as for information download which the elites are trying to can do this.
Do what is called binding.
You bind the effect of all these blocking Gs are having an effect on you.
That is it! You will still be connected, not blocked, information WILL flow from the ether. All you need is a piece of string and your intention.

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