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Originally Posted by reverendjim View Post
off the grid is a nice idea. but you can never really disconnect totally. i see two options.

one is to own land. right off the bat you are paying taxes on that land. then you have to be mindful of how and what you construct to avoid regulatory entanglements....welcome back to the grid.

the other way is to not own land. lots of options there all of which involve money which means the grid.

the only people i have seen who are off the grid are the homeless and they still deal with the grid in lots of ways.

i dont think you can escape this grid. you can lessen its impact on your life somewhat but there is no escaping it right now.

governments are masters of the carrot and the stick. its what they do.
Oh yeah I understand.

I would like to lessen my impact and be as self sufficient and free as possible rather than not use money/internet etc.

What ways were you thinking of, without owning land?

I'm feeling I can have a go by renting a plot very cheaply but I may then technically be signing something that states I shouldn't "dwell" there etc. Though I'm sure people have managed to get away with it.

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