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I would like to be as off grid as possible too and perhaps build something cheaply that covers only my needs but like most people buying land seems not so attainable yet. I'm thinking of renting an allotment anyway to grow things as I want to do that as part of things anyway, though I came across the odd story of people ending up staying in their sheds on those without being moved off. This is officially against the contract, but does anyone think if you were being a good example, in tune with nature etc and not doing any harm that you could get away with it sometimes? It just seems to be the only access I can think of for myself right now that doesn't involve loads of money, to a small plot, of which growing things would be part of other than choosing a random "abandoned" looking spot and hoping that it might be unregistered which I'm not sure where there would be any like that round where I am.
I feel I'm at the point where I'm prepared to experiment and try something whether or not its officially meant to be done. Though I'd feel silly signing a contract that states I can't do what I'd like. I just like the idea or hope that contracts can be bended slightly.

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