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Originally Posted by transient View Post
Tom, the thread is here:

I thought you were living self sufficiently, or at least some way towards it.

I distinctly remember getting some advice from you before I set down this path.
How it all working out?
Thanks. Yes. Living self sus as much as I can. I have sold up and am still sitting on equity waiting for the right purchase. There have been a few close shaves and we have missed out a few times but we are sooooo close.

We are finding it hard to find a good bit of land that is not being resold by a bank due to re-possesion!! I want nothing to do with that type of theft by the banker bastards.

heh! We are currently renting in Shirley, Croydon. This place is soooo far from our dream it is actualy in the other direction. But its big, quiet, and the kids are close to school...everything I hate (ie 2.4 children and the Atomic family etc) and I feel like I am in limbo FFS.

BUT...It does mean that we can practice the 'good life' in ways that we couldnt do when we were buying our house. Having more funds means that we are free-er...technicily free-er.

Cheers. Stay in touch, unlike I have over the last half year
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