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Default Open letter from general x-36 to benjamin fulford


Between the years of around 2014-2017 A.D. I operated an Internet social media psychological warfare operation known as "Earth Civilian Army" under the pseudonym "General X-36".

During this time, from memory...

- Dr Ahmedinejhad of Iranian nation was inferred repeatedly unto that: Due to doctrines of attrition (depopulation, as carried out by United Nations trans-national Allied military operation or coinciding 'Western" corporate groups, especially medical sector manufacturing and bio-chemical operations eg: unto producing technical equipment for the practice of medicine) castration of any national citizen within Iran was no good idea and to be discontinued. Unto effective overall means that no man or woman within the nation of Iran be prevented the ability to sire offspring.

This directed influence I deemed successful after the Iranian parliament passed motions to outlaw castration of any persons via overt prevailing national law.

Tertiary here to note that: Dr Adhmedinejhad was also provided material noting the use of Vitamin Therapy to circumvent corporate infiltration via pharmaceutical western medicine, utilizing synthesized and engineered molecular compounds, preferring a medicine food based eastern perspective of holistic therapies. Western pharmacopoeia and industrial manufacture located within the national area of the United States of America and any N.A.T.O. national area could not be trusted to even manufacture a needle head injector for intramuscular use without placing minute transponder implantable "Wet-Gear" bug trackers and microwave oscillation technology for mental manipulation.

- Technical development firms within the nation of Deutschland (Germany) were provided transmitted ideation comments regarding mathematical treatment of existing laser emission diodes and their modulated digital capacities unto providing enhanced operational capability eg: Double range of existing laser weaponry emplacements, in learning myself Surface to Air emplacements exist in three places within Germany, and at two places within the United Kingdom (England/ U.K.).

This activity was deemed acceptable to be noted some inference of success via the distributed news media noting technological advancements made thereafter by Deutsch armaments industry firms doubling weaponized laser range. At the time rendering this information I did not note temporally proximal announcements (announced I believe after, thereafter the Deutsch advancement announcement) of Russian smooth-bore tank cannon advancements which rendered a 4X (four times the range) range improvement of 'to be rolled out' manufacture of land tanks and their cannons specifically.

Tertiary note here is that: In rendering comment pertaining to advancements regarding laser technology that: Noting these comments corresponding effect, at least inferred, that: Those inferences A: Were designed to provide enhancement to existing Surface-to-Air emplacements designed for use against orbital targets... B: Unfortunately due to the inferences being monitored provide some in-route unto technological equipment and their development. Perhaps some paranoiac ideation from myself regarding higher intelligences these developments advisory being designed to fend against outwardly, note in note here to: Aid unduly against terrestrial forces of Human faction military bodies and transnational organizations.

- Western media personalities and their cultural and media output was infiltrated and influenced via repeat and targeted private referential input by which the U.S.A. media personalities of A: Azalea Banks, and B; Ron Braunstien... were manipulated unto turning against, or flouting unto their own disreputable activity along the lines of turning their domestic U.S.A. psychological programming turning back on itself to counteract the tool they are as brainwashed foreign western citizens spreading predictive programming and cultural trash.

This activity was deemed to have been successful.

- Australian Army general rank official was seen to delete social media accounts used for facile propaganda upon direction to, in the face of corruption, brainwashing, electromagnetic and corporate medical infiltration of the Australian nation of the "Commonwealth of Nations" formerly the British Empire, stage military coup "Now".

This activity was noted as successful due to discontinuation of operation of Australian Military social media accounts operated by an army general without note in the international and domestic media.

Now, Both Mr Fulford and myself better be noting the Fukushima crisis, as I am a body ridden with Chernobyl isotopes and otherwise, typing this here for you to see.

What I recently repeatedly suggest is distribution for rationing for human ingestion is the group of compounds known as "Zeolites", available readily as industrially engineer-able decontaminant compounds and available for 'organic' type resource mining unto the same.

Zeolites are available for use as agricultural soil amendments noted to improve moisture retention and nitrogen bonding, storing and releasing capabilities, but as I note here for you again as useful also as radiological decontaminant absorbents due to their high surface area and ionic properties bonding to clay and earth once again metals which are extracted by burning of fire and heat again whence they are cyclotronned unto releasing radiological emissions (Burning Metal that distributes by water and even rain; "Raining burning metal").

If even simply the prefecture of Nippon known as Fukushima be ammended utilizing Zeolite decontaminant compounds as used already as filtration materials for their damaged reactor effluents , even calculatable for best effect to specific isotopes, perhaps by powder dispersion via helicopters, perhaps the downward winds will drive the powder of clay about the earthen fields of the area.

I would myself stand at Fukushima Daiichi plant shoveling clay powder at under <10 micron size milled powder sieve mesh into the outflowing effluent knowing it would grasp these dangerous refined metals....

Distribute this information to Japanese Military Intelligence, Whom I myself petition using my full legal name unto achieving this ends of use. Do it.

---> The aforementioned operations were conducted under the informed informative inference of the implantable transponder nets and telecommunications transmission system of the global telecommunications and satellite network since distributed by the military industrial complex of the Sierra Nevada Underground reasonably assumed to have been seeded by the creation of CISCO microprocessor digital systems development until today.

The neurological interface transponders distributed since the cold war by allied military and medical sector corporate involvement are capable of high resolution capable, multicolour, multiple field of vision, and 3 dimensional visual and auditory modulation, and relay-able via spatial sensor nets eg: Laptop Microphone, local microwave transmission towers etc etc.

Some rationalle is that they may augment via utilizing sensor nets such activity as "remote viewing". This is known by eastern boxing and physical practices previously inhereted secretly as not proper Arhat Arts, but as some false flame, matched to other locations, not properly seeing "in mind light behind walls in other rooms".

Have A Nice Day!

GENERAL X-36 / A.K.A. David Icke forum user: J35P3R4D0

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