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Originally Posted by jane1977 View Post
I am NOT embarassed to say, I dislike Islam, it IS a sexist, misogynistic faith, so I have no inclination to accepting it.

These men, grooming young girls, discust me. Our government pussyfoots around Muslims and lets them get away with gross activity.

Islam like most religions are a Lie Invented by Secret Socieites/TPTB to subjugate the People and take away the resources of the said countrys without evenly distributing it fairly..and basically gives an excuse to screw the people at the bottom over and abuse them morally, spiritually and keep them in ignorance...East and West..

and News in the MSM like the Jimmy Saville saga are a distraction deflection from the massive abuse that has gone on/going on,thats why none of the info came out why he was alive,he probably knew too much and too many who were/are involved like Op Ore and that cover up...

and if the perpetrators control the MSM/Politics then they control the info coming out,it does not take a genius to work it out..not saying everyone in the MSM/Politics /Law etc are involved just a minority at the top so to speak, I am sure there are lots of nice decent people work within the MSM/Entertainment etc etc...

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