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Originally Posted by fairdose View Post
Lightgiver, I can tell you that most guys who engage in this behaviour are usually guys who just can't get a date under normal circumstances and have to resort to this kind of ugly behaviour to fulfil their "needs".

I'm not condoning their behaviour but to paint all Muslims like this is an over-generalization. There are bad apples in all communities. What about Russian Mafia prostitution rings all around the world with trafficked women and girls? Or Thai child brothels in Bangkok? Or Jewish paedophile billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein who provided under-ages girls to the likes of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton?

It's not just bad Muslims, it's assholes everywhere which need to be exposed.

Yes true its not just muslim gangs but the muslim communities in the Northwest England have been attacking any exposure into these gangs. The far left has also attacked any exposure and demonstrated outside the local papers offices to stop stories being printed etc.
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