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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
I have not referenced any AC or blood anywhere, and did not mention "praying" at all.
You are getting all mixed up.

I stated that the children could not possibly have known the method of contraband entry to the country that is/was used.

You need to get out more into the real world and away from your virtual airy-fairy snowflake new age online BS.
The real world is not the same as your virtual one.

"Truth does not need to be validated by ignorance" - Jordan Maxwell.
I do grim. Read my posts on muslims behaving badly.

Anyway, as for satanic ritual abuse, if anyone could post a link that refers to a ritual needing 'preferably young blood' I'd be very much interested. I can see why conspiracy community also gets a bad rap by shouting the minute people see a word 'satan'. It shows they know nothing. Embarassing really.
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