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Default Sabine up in court!

Sabine McNeill is up in court (Blackfriars) on four counts of harassment and seventeen breaches of restraining orders according to the Mail Online today.

If you remember, Sabine was the person who first revealed the tapes of the children describing their abuse. The scummy Mail have disgracefully misrepresented the sequence of events. They report that the police investigated claims of satanic abuse in West Hampstead and that the high court found them to be baseless. Sabine then supposedly responded to recordings of the police interviews that surfaced online and then began a campaign of harassment against four mothers to uncover the cult. There is even misrepresentation of the facts by giving the impression that the details of the cult's operation were Mcneill's accusations when we all know that those were the words of the children themselves.

I personally have reservations about McNeill and her motives in this awful never-ending nightmare. However, when you read the article there is a point made that McNeill contributed to an American's GoFundMe page. The chap read about the abuse online and then came over and McNeill even offered to put him up. That scenario sounds like ho-ho hairy bollox for a start. Handing over money to a random from the States who read about it online? No way! I wouldn't put it past the Mail for throwing blatant shit into the pot. Guess what the chap was called? Rupert Quaintance - R Quantaince! Yes, those fuckers play with us too fucking much!!
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