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Originally Posted by cgday6183 View Post
I think Alex Jones is very clever in presenting himself as a nutcase, because he gets lured into these situations where the state run media think they can riducule him, but in the end Alex wins because he still gets his information out there. There's no was an articulate and composed man like David Icke would be allowed on CNN.
I don't know the date, but last time I saw David Icke on mainstream TV here in the UK they immediately asked him about the queen being a lizard. Having heard it all before he was perfectly calm and articulate and despite the obvious bias of the hosts, he came out looking pretty good whether you agree with what he says or not.

AJ has two personas: a lost little boy or an angry little boy. Not to knock him too much however, he's still someone saying things that aren't often said. Just a shame he's also a sell-out.

I'm sorry, caller, I interrupted with an inane rant that has little to do with what you just said. Please continue...
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