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Sadly Alex jones often tends to come across as a raving nutter (probably deliberately so as its what his core audience wants and expects)

I saw piers Morgan debating 911 recently. In that debate he was ridiculing his opponent for stating that the BBC presenter had announced the collapse of WTC 7 in advance, and ridiculing them for commenting that the BBC had lost footage from the day of those events. In piers opinion that simply could not have occurred nor could it be proved !

I am not a journalist, nor was I paid to watch the media footage occurring during 911, but I saw the BBC coverage of that days events. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I'm aware that the disputed coverage is widely available.

Piers Morgan however is a 'journalist', or at least he's employed as one. However he appears completely unaware of the basic timetable of events that where broadcast during 911. Furthermore, its clear to me that he's made absolutely no efforts to investigate even the most basic background material prior to interviewing guests.

How can anyone even waste their time agreeing to an interview with this clown ?

Alex should dam well know better than to participate in this charade
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