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TMNT - Corporate Raiders From Dimension X

High ranking corporate executives are being kidnapped all around the city and the Turtles decide to let things slide at first. However, the Turtles become involved when one of the executives kidnapped turns out to be the CEO of a food company that is the nation's biggest supplier of pizza crust dough and a global pizza shortage is expected due to disruption of company operations. After an altercation with some of the kidnappers, the Turtles realize that they are agents of the conglomerate Octopus Inc. To aid them in their mission, they enlist the help of Casey Jones to infiltrate Octopus Inc. and collect information on the company.

When Casey fails to contact them after the infiltration, the Turtles infiltrate the company headquarters themselves to find the executives being brainwashed by a hypnotic machine. They rescue Casey and quickly figure out that splashing water on the brainwashed executives will snap them out of it. They begin spraying water on the executives only to find that someone has cut off the water supply to the entire building, leaving them no choice but to flee when the water runs out. With this the Turtles realize that someone who's not brainwashed is pulling the strings.

As it turns out, the kidnappings and brainwashings were done by Shredder, who forcefully took over Octopus Inc. as part of his master plan: To raise the Technodrome back to the surface!

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