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Default To a certain degree that is true.

Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
If you listen to anyone to wake you up, your a sheep, just like the masses.

The internet with overload of information is probably the biggest thing that has woken up people. Just seeing how others see the world, and conversing with others that normally without the net, they would never of been in contact with.

Just look at how bluray nature vids have brought alot of nature into your home, and made you aware of things you never would of seen in your life.

Even though there is so much rubbish on the net, it still is broadening for you lot, and gives people a whole library like interface in there homes, if they choose to use it.

But how many of you lot use discernment in your understanding.

There is no such thing as the new age, its same as the old age. People have always as a minority woken up, and it will always be just a minority.
But It was meant for D I and only HIM to give me the extra nudge that I needed to WAKE up completley, and it worked.
Some of the things he says in his books are wrong .

Only a few things though.

Like reptilians don't have creative imaginations. YEP they do.

And he said Credo Mutwa told him he ATE a GREY.

I am trying to get through Children of the Matrix but books that are written like History books are hard for me to read.

I wanna get that book that is only 250 pages. "Infinity Love Consciousness" book.

I read ' Remember who you Are'. And that book was easier to read than
Children of the Matrix.

Ya and you are right about the minority thing.
There is NOT a big awakening going on.

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