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Originally Posted by blah View Post
ANYONE PSYCHIC HERE? come on us psychic people know whats happening.......... helloooooooooo we have telepathic telephone lines! I was born this way and am very proud, I hear subconciously exactly where David Icke is taking people. Some of us have this gift! Just calling out to others who also do. Clearly not everyone is awakened in that way though....

Its a natural .. human nature. Whos to say David Icke didnt feel that he needed to create a little chaos in order to bring about more of a collective sense of whats happening... because he felt for us, has compassion and wanted to make use of his abilities. Some understand others very well without having to be in there shoes.
i don't think that David or any other figure has anything to do with any chaos in the future... want a proof?
look at Libya ,, Syria , Egypt these people in these countries know very little about Illuminati , or free masonry conspiracy theory .. the rebllion happened because they were suppressed for so long mentally and financially and lived in extreme dictatorship ......

sadly i hoped that the chaos will create a better order .. i think it was too late it hard to change system at this point
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