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Default Bacon

I am tired of all the damn vegan threads out there eat this veggie, and drink this juice and you will live to see that your life be all wonderful and happy and FUCK THAT, i am happy with BACON in my life.

This is about Bacon how you cook it, what you eat with, ideas you get over time, hell I don't care if its about your bacon and eggs breakfast you had post about it talk about it, and most of all enjoy every damn day you can with bacon as part of your diet because your not a vegan/veggie.

I was watching a show last week and they had Bacon wrapped pork loins and then they were floured with spices and then deep fried. They were call Pig Wings funny thing is I liked the idea and figured I would give it a try so thats my goal Sunday is to make me some Pig Wings and see how they come out. They are the same size or about the size of Chicken Wings so I guess I am going to cook them about the same as I do Chicken Wings and see what happens.
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