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Originally Posted by 302bluefog View Post
If people did not have technology everyone would be Amish.

If everyone wanted to be Amish they would be.

Obviously the majority of people enjoy technology.

Simple as that.
Apart from the Schwartzentruber sect all the Amish sects use cellphones these days.
The Schwartzentrubers or 'woolies' are the group that the Amish themselves make jokes about much the same as we make Irish or Polish jokes, they are seen as a bit dumb.
It's grid electricity the Amish don't cotton to.
Diesel generators are fine for milking machines and cooling milk.
Gas fridges and solar/battery power electricity for homes is OK in most districts too.
No TVs or radios though but cell phones are well and widely used and for longer journeys there's a whole English (non Amish) van driving cottage industry to take the Amish on trips outside of buggy range.
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