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Default Why do we have technology?

Could it be that the reason that we have technology is because we are being trained to be good little slaves of the NWO? It seems to me that in our native state we wouldn't need technology. For example, if you can instantaneous go anywhere you want why would you need a car, plane or train? If you can access any information you want why would you need a computer?

Could it be that we were kept in a primitive (controllable) state until about 5,000 years ago because they knew even back then that the truth vibrations were coming and so they had to start their plan of turning us into slaves by introducing technology?

Maybe technology was created by the Archons because we, in our native form don’t need technology but they do because they lack spiritual power due to their evil. We can do anything we like in our native form without any need for technology. They created technology because they need it to get what they want because they are utterly lacking in spiritual power. They also did it to control us.

This is why the plan became active about 5,000 years ago when we started to develop technology (actually it was consciously introduced to us). They had to bring it in gradually so we would accept (decode) its reality and thus give it power over ourselves, even as they deliberately kept reducing out spiritual power. The 2 have to go hand in hand if you are going to enslave a race of advanced beings.

Since we live in a virtual reality universe maybe we can only accept (decode) technology if it we are aware of it, even if subconsciously. Because of this, they could only introduce technology gradually at first but they could speed it up later on (like now).

In other words, for technology to work, we have to be aware of it at some level. Further, for technology to work we have to be kept in a low enough state of consciousness we can't over ride it which we could have easily done before we were brought down by their treachery.

Maybe they brought in technology in this way (order, time scale) in so they could get us to this point at this time. It has been carefully planned to bring us into total enslavement at this time David talks about this in "Human Race".

Before that they kept us in a low state as they didn’t need to bring online the technologies because the Truth Vibrations were too far off. It wasn't necessary. The Reptilians are nothing if not utterly practical about reaching their evil goals.

Perhaps this went on for perhaps 200K years, as indicated by the genetic tampering that occurred around that time, according to Rebecca Cann of the University of Hawaii. This could only occur when we went into the Iron Age, an energetic cycle in the unhacked universe that last about 400K years.

Assuming Dr. Cann is correct, is it a coincidence that we are apparently at or near the middle of The Iron Age? I think not.

During the Iron Age we have the least energy (information) available to us. By the way this is why all the information sent over all the computer could be sent over power lines, as has often been documented. So literally "knowledge (information) IS power" because information is ENERGY and visa versa.
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