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Originally Posted by clint_giles View Post
i had the same thought.

i like the idea of reptilians ruling planet earth,it makes total sense and their are many facts to back these claims up through symbolism and writings on cave walls
but i still have an open mind to the fact it could be bullshit aswell....
I do believe that there is substance to the reptilian theory in that reptilian imagery in artwork seems to transcend culture in both time and place, and then there is also the human brain stem, which some scientists refer to as the "reptilian complex", no less. "Where there's smoke, there's fire," as the saying goes, so in my opinion, there is definitely something substantial to it, although whether it is to be taken literally or more symbolically (e.g., as archetypes), I can only guess.

I like what this guy has to say:
This reptilian archetype is found in many cultures around the world and according to Narby is also the most common symbol seen after hallucinogenic experiences. My conclusion is that this “reptilian archetype” as I call it, or an inter-dimensional race from the Draco constellation operating just outside of visible light frequency are the gatekeepers or humanities inner demons continually operating out of the lower brain (lower vibration), that we have to transcend in order to start creating our own reality and finding our true path through synchronicity and creativity.
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