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Originally Posted by the moral man View Post
The M5 Author talks about the Orion Reptile Queen and she is known as the most powerful Reptilian in the ranks.
The M5 Author is an anonymous person, who most likely did little to no research in the way that Icke has.

The M5 Author is responsible for getting alot of new ideas out in circulation, and makes alot of great points.

But it's no surprise that Icke doesn't mention the same things as the M5 author.

Icke is a real person.

The M5 author is anonymous. Completely free of any danger to their reputation.

It was enough for Icke to mention Pindar... if he went on about an Orion Reptile Queen or a 'Rebel Queen' or things of that nature it would only further stretch his credibility.

Icke only talks about things that other people have genuinely experienced or informed him about.

The M5 author does not provide any research notes on anything...

These differences between Icke and the M5 author is the reason Icke hasn't written about such things.
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