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Default Why has Icke not mentioned the Orion Lizard Queen?

Dear Friends
kind regards
David Icke was the first conspiracy theorist that talked about Reptilian rule of Earth.
Icke has talked about the Reptiles plan for World domination, he has even outlined the in-fighting among different Illuminati factions.
He has even talked about how the power goes even beyond the mainstream Reptilian bloodlines (an example is how the Queen fears a Reptilian called Pindar).
The M5 Author talks about the Orion Reptile Queen and she is known as the most powerful Reptilian in the ranks.
She is so terrifying that all of the mainstream Illuminati bloodline Reptilians known by name fear her.
The Orion Reptile Queen will soon be returning to add this planet to the Orion Empire and take it back from the Rebel Queen.
Why hasn't David Icke mentioned the Orion Reptile Queen and what else is there to know about the Reptilians that Icke hasn't covered overall?
If you could contribute to this thread with your views and knowledge I'd appreciate it.
yours thankfully

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