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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
and when it comes to Libya Gaddafi managed to improve the quality of life for his NATION by raising the average life span to one of the highest on the continent of Africa

he built the worlds largest underground aquifer which helped him produce his own food

immediately kicked out the oil companies after taking power the man was no saint but overall was turning Libya into somewhere decent

I am tired of being accused of ''hating Islam'' when really what I am against is religious fundamentalism in all it's forms

I will be the first in line to start speaking up about how ruining Libya was a international crime !

when it came out that the UK had been housing Islamic fundamentalists who tried to destabilize Gaddafi previously , that there was a group known as the Manchester Boys and that the sons of one of the men is the guy thumbed as the suicide bomber of the MEN Arena everyone wanted to rip me a new one !

but all I was trying to point out is that yes the Cabal have been funding and supporting fundamentalist Islam and using it to mess with sovereign nations for a long long time

they did this with Gaddafi and if international law was not a complete farce then Obama , Cameron , Hollande would be in the Hague on trial for war crimes

but when I tried to point out the link between the destabilization of Libya and the Mi5 in the UK like I said people wanted to rip me a new one !

Salmen Abedi was in and out of Libya training with fk knows who before the MEN attack

but it wasn't real was it ? it was a false flag but the bit I am trying to constantly point out and hang me from the rafters for saying it is that there has to be a source material to get these people thinking the way they do and the source material is the scripture they put their life down for

but as usual I will probably have to sit through another page or two of being called a zionist

and as usual what is good for the goose is not good for the gander when it comes to this

Libya was a sovereign nation , national in every sense of the word

Gaddafi was a nationalist , and I supported his right to run his country how he saw fit without submitting to the dictates of the fking globalists he is talking about in all his later speeches

but it's not the same when it's Europeans ? they are not allowed nationalism because it might remind you of Hitler ?

and you think I am the victim of a psyop ? lol
comparing Gaddafi to these so called European "nationalists" is quite a fucking joke.

Please tell me which European country has

free post secondary education
heavily subsidized housing, gas,
free loans to start businesses
and does not let bankers and corporations run their nations
does not have a Rothschild bank
attempts to create an independent gold backed currency and bank
calls out the hypocrisy of the imperialists
attempts to break not only his country BUT OTHER COUNTRIES out of the stranglehold of international capitalism.

oh but that would be SOCIALISM wouldn't it, are you frothing at the mouth yet. I said SOCIALISM, is your blood boiling yet.

Let me let you in on a little secret here

Nationalism IS SOCIALISM. Yes Gaddafi was a nationalist, these clowns in Europe pretending to be "populists" are NWO stooges.

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