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how is it my pre conceived idea that the Quran is the foundation of Sharia ?

That was why over the years if you look all over the Middle East they looked a lot more civilised and less extreme and women walked around in ordinary clothes etc and people looked a lot more like how Europeans live.
Well where does Iran come into this then ? Under the western controlled Shah and you ALL say that is the case the Iranians looked a lot more European ( not that it matters and I would prefer it if everyone had thier own style to be honest because thats a rich tapestry , I don't think European is the model of humanity , we all need to learn from one another and all have something to offer )

and then came the Ayatollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran and suddenly the veils and the strict adherence comes back ?

so which was it with the case of Iran ? Is it also under British control and CIA control ? How come they have done the exact reverse of what you just stated ?

how is correcting you being facetious ?

you stated Sharia is an invention of the British after WW1

and that is a false statement

and I can see what you are doing , it's more of this bullshit about Islam being the perpetual victim of outsider oppression which funnily enough constitutes the core identity of all three Abrahamic faiths
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