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sounds harsh,my parents are strict but of good heart they only had moi so it wasn't to hard for them,

so the tribes of Israel may just be bloodline connected.,and your mother sounds like my mother,that's mothers for you,a little over protecting.

Thanks for the info btw.

...glad to be of assistance,there's a member here,who was part of an elite bloodline,used in psy-ops warfare,loaned out to various military departments
and intelligence corps,won't say who it is,not my place...but I'm sure,he'd know more about elites and bloodline.Incidently in the same family,my dads brother,all had a son born on the same day,with the same name,even middle name,as myself...trippy,like I said,I was hidden from most...don't understand why.Now I will never know either.There's old super8 film of me smoking and inhaling cigarettes at the age of 4...they'd get into trouble for that now...hahahaha.
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