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I feel that is what i am trying ti find out, the origins,my auntie was fascinated by this also,so i am just trying to finish what she started. al i am aware of is a Irish connection,my woman as French connections,pardon the punand i am also trying to find hers out also,

do you know any tribes of Israel information just of interest.

avoid any type of buying.,my father is the one with celtic blood,he was staunch anti-jew,Zionist to us...then again,dad was anti-everyone and a real bastard,Gaol warden you see.But he believed me with the occultist and actually tracked them down with his contacts.I remember he left Freemasonary back in 1978,he said it
was over money,bullshit.He was scared,and he is one of the old tough guys...
...tribes of Israel to me is a euphenism for bloodline,nothing to do with Israel or religeous belief,I could be wrong and know very little.Most of my family
relations were hidden from me and was not allowed to meet them,we had a very insular family,I was'nt even allowed to have many friends,my mother never approved of any girlfriend I had...and to this day have had no contact with them,even though they are dying wretchedly,disease.Even my own children get the creeps from them.
The french Connection...hahahahahaha,merovigian(can't even spell it)...
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