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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post
...weird,I have had dozens of UFO experiences going back to child-hood when I lived on a tropical Island,Lord howe Is...I even have been attacked by them,well at least that was my interpretation...I'll find a link...hang on.

post 36...and I have been called a reptilian more than once,but I defend my human position vehemently...pure human consciousness...I'm mostly aboriginal,Irish and Southern French in racial make-up.
I feel that is what i am trying ti find out, the origins,my auntie was fascinated by this also,so i am just trying to finish what she started. al i am aware of is a Irish connection,my woman as French connections,pardon the punand i am also trying to find hers out also,

do you know any tribes of Israel information just of interest.

avoid any type of buying.

check it out at 4.00.

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