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...I am A- rhesus factor blooded.Have been tracked and attacked by an inbred occult line for 9 years.The occultist,2 males black headed one brown eyed,one blue eyed...the two girls,two sisters,both redheads with green eyes.
What you have written here is completely true.Always disagreed with Icke on the blonde most likely to be possessed,they are mostly the redheads.
The boys,psychologically are more feminine in attitude than the girls,who are more dominant,vicious,generally nastier.They laugh at people being raped or violated and say"see how I feel,met them eye to eye,the males are anger and fear filled,the females defiant and insane.
I'm brown hair,brown eyed,widows peak,vicious temper if crossed,but mostly jovial and happy,content.Hope this adds to your research.
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