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Originally Posted by white light View Post
I guess.

I don't believe love vibration is higher, these things run concurrent, up down and wherever. That's not to say you can't tap into one more than the other. Duality is polarity though. Truth is beyond. I like what you wrote on the other thread "a spirit in complete non judgemental alert awareness".

P.S you don't need love vibrations to love all. Simply knowing oneness is enough.

like the sun if we said it was a star of love it just emanates love, when this shines down on earth it has an unconditional effect for all life here without judgement that would be based on polarity and conditions. Maybe to love someone can be as bad as a curse to them if it is directed ? For it has conditions of a social dinamic nature to have love in this nature if goal oriented and not unconditional like our star of love. Thankyou White Light.
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