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Originally Posted by skulb View Post
Just thought I`d recap the many drills and exercises taking place on 9/11 in some detail for the benefit of any who might have missed this crucial political evidence of an inside job on 9/11. None of this evidence can be explained away as coincidence and happenstance and without the drills the attacks of 9/11 could not possibly have succeeded at all. Yet it is largely forgotten by the Truth Movement and the grateful debunkers who don`t have to grapple with this damning evidence, and who can instead engage in endless, and fruitless, hyper technical debates about the melting point of steel, the nature of invisible fires, floor trusses and "thermal expansion". On to the drills and exercises taking place on 9/11 therefore!

1:Vigilant Guardian.

Closely mimicked the events of 9/11. Joint US/Canadian exercise, designed to test the "coordination of the two defense establishments".
Described by as an overview CPX (command post exercise), conducted in conjunction with Global Guardian and Apollo Guardian (more about those later). VG is a yearly NORAD exercise, but VG 01 focused specifically on terrorists using hijacked planes as weapons.
However, as the 9/11 Commission noted, Vigilant Guardian also "postulated a bomber attack from the former Soviet Union". It was therefore a combined hijacking and WW3 exercise, and it contributed to the confusion among NORAD emergency response teams by using false radar signals for training exercises at the same time as "real" hijackings were taking place. Without this confusion there should have been a decent chance of shooting down the first plane heading towards NYC, and none of the three subsequent planes could have reached their intended targets at all. Because of Vigilant Guardian the intercept time of the fighter wings assigned to defend the eastern corridor increased from about 7 minutes before and after 9/11 to more than an hour in the case of Flight 77. Only within the narrow window provided by the Vigilant Guardian exercise could the 9/11 attacks have succeeded.
Why did they occur in precisely this window? Obviously they had to, or they couldn`t have succeeded, but was the US command structure infiltrated by al Qaida who used their positions inside the USA to arrange all these drills deliberately, was al Qaida tipped off by moles on the inside so they could arrange the attacks during the Vigilant Guardian window, or were they in fact simply controlled patsies set up to take the fall for a US/NATO false flag operation? It shouldn`t even be necessary to point out which of these alternatives is the most plausible.
Regardless, VG is the single most important exercise of 9/11 because it looks the most like the official fable about the hijackers, and is therefore the most likely medium for organizing this part of 9/11 through the "security" bureaucracy.

2: Vigilant Warrior:

Mentioned by Richard Clarke in his memoirs as a second component of the ongoing NORAD exercise (Vigilant Guardian), possibly as the red team organizing the hijackings, real and fake. Details are hard to find and VW 01 is classified.

3: Operation Northern Vigilance:

Billed as a counter drill to an ongoing Russian drill, NV redeployed fighter planes to Alaska and northern Canada, stripping EC (eastern corridor) fighter cover just in time for 9/11. NORAD has not disclosed how many planes it removed from the contiguous US in time for 9/11 under the cover of NV.

"NORAD shall deploy fighter aircraft as necessary to FOLs (Forward Operating Locations) in Alaska and northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian arctic and North Pacific ocean. NORAD is the eyes and ears of North America and it is our mission to ensure that our air sovereignty is maintained"
Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Colorado.

4: Northern Guardian:

Thought to be associated with NV but outside of a few mentions in Canadian press not much is known. Possibly a twin exercise to NV to have one group of planes posing as the hostiles while the other played defense. Whatever the particulars this exercise seems to have been centered on Alaska and northern Canada as well.

Reference is from the detestable lie operation called 9/11 Myths, which like Wikipedia insists on calling the truth "myths", and the writer pretends not to understand that an exercise that moves planes to Iceland lowers response capabilities and is therefore relevant to 9/11. Intelligent people will have no problem understanding this point though.

5: National Reconnaissance Office Drill (NRO).

This drill simulated an airplane crashing into the NRO HQ in Virginia. As a consequence of this drill the NRO staff were evacuated from the building exactly when the 9/11 attacks occurred. This is the reason why the satelite surveillance of the attacks has not been made available. Allegedly there is none because of the NRO drill, and all space based surveillance was conveniently disabled in time for the 9/11 attacks.
AP reported: "Top US intelligence Agency was to simulate plane crash into government building on September 11 2001".
What an amazing coincidence...

6: Tripod II.

Biological warfare exercise conducted jointly between DoJ (Department of Justice, under the control of John Ashcroft, the man who lost an election to a dead guy) and the City of New York. Scheduled for 9/12 01 and officially never took place. Would have provided plausible cover for critical pre 9/11 activities in New York, such as rigging both towers and WTC 7 with explosives. Reported by Giuliani, the arch criminal, in his memoir "Leadership" (apparently the working title was "Treason" but was changed by the publisher). He stated that the "materials to be used in the drill" was stored at Pier 92, and that his command center was in WTC 7. As soon as WTC 7 was demolished Giuliani moved his treason command post (popularly known as the exercise command post or emergency management control center, but treason is more appropriate so I`ll stick with that) to Pier 92. Tripod II is the most glaringly obvious cover for the demolitions in NYC, the destruction of evidence following the attacks as well as the fake reporting afterwards to sell the official version. Technical, military, media, surveillance, detonations, police and firefighters could all have been, and probably were, controlled from Pier 92, under cover of Tripod II.


7: Amalgam Virgo:

Air defend against rogue state cruise missiles/hijackings. A probable cover for the attack on the Pentagon, which was originally billed as, and also looked like, a missile attack rather than a plane crash.

8: Amalgam Warrior:

Large air defense drill and air intercept, tracking and surveillance. Possibly the red force for Amalgam Virgo, providing hijacked planes/missiles, real and false.

9: Global Guardian:

Armageddon exercise. Nuclear war drill directed toward the arctic and Russia, further depleting continental defenses in the USA. GG is likely to be the defensive component of Apollo Guardian, presumably poised to respond to a nuclear first strike (probably by Russia, but who knows with the Strangeloves in the Pentagon).

10: Crown Vigilance:

Air combat command exercise.

11: Apollo Guardian:

Large scale live fly air defense and air intercept, tracking and surveillance drill. Nuclear strike simulation. Possibly a component of Global Guardian, or a parallel exercise or red team threatening nuclear attack within the exercise scripting. Hints to a possible nuclear blackmail/nuclear first strike option having been built into the 9/11 exercise complex. Possibly the most ominous of all the drills I have listed, but also less revealing since no nuclear first strike occurred. Nuclear blackmail may have though, and the Bush-Putin phone call has never had its content disclosed at all, but has largely disappeared from the MSM coverage (surprise surprise).

12: AWACS/Noble Eagle:

AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) drill over Washington DC and Florida.

AWACS planes may have been involved in all three alleged plane crashes. Reportedly AWACS can be fitted with remote control systems for taking over control of nearby planes. Wikipedia also states that Operation Noble Eagle went into effect on 9/11, and that it was somehow a success, despite the abject and total failure on every front by all involved on that day. Allegedly it involved using AWACS craft to "patrol and defend American Airspace". Cynics might consider this too little too late, but not Wikipedia... Whether Noble Eagle and the AWACS drill I just referenced were one and the same I haven`t been able to find out.

Unpiloted passenger planes in use in the UK, being controlled remotely from the ground.

The first trans Pacific remotely flown UAV was tested in April 2001 and was controlled from a distance by an AWACS aircraft.

My purpose with the links is to demonstrate that AWACS can be, is being and has for years been used to remotely control other aircraft, and that a large AWACS drill (or two) taking place on 9/11 is therefore a highly suspicious circumstance. It is not to have a long, meaningless technical debate about these aircrafts or any beneficial uses they may have.

13: Firemen (Pentagon)

"Aircraft crash refresher course" for firefighters. Scheduled for the morning of 9/11 in yet another amazing coincidence.

14: Timely Alert:

Emergency response to bomb attacks.


NOTE: Many of these drills and exercises are annual "security", "intelligence" and "defense" events. What makes them suspicious with regard to 9/11 is firstly that the content of the 01 versions was apparently altered to closely resemble the attacks which actually occurred, or to sabotage air defense and surveillance, apparently on purpose. Secondly they were also all concentrated on and around this one date, which is atypical for annual drills, and indeed all drills, which tend to be separated in time to deal with isolated hypothesis and strategies. Pointing to the annual character of these drills therefore does nothing to counter the points I have raised.

These are the most relevant drills taking place on 9/11 itself, but there are others, depending on what you consider relevant. And if you include earlier exercises leading up to 9/11 there are almost 50 altogether, all dealing specifically with elements of the 9/11 attacks. A relatively exhaustive list by Webster Tarpley can be found here: for those who are interested in all of them. For those who want to really dig into this all important aspect of 9/11 I recommend any of Mike Ruppert`s many books, such as Crossing the Rubicon, or Webster Tarpley`s book 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA.
The obvious political point to make with all these conspicuous drills is to ask the hard questions we need to: If the official story is true, why were there all these drills more or less exactly like the actual attacks going on during the attacks, and/or which sabotaged regular, procedural emergency responses? How could the confused and disorganized boxcutter-wielding morons of the official version have known about all these drills in order to time their attacks accordingly? Why would the US government and national "security" state be so deliberately incompetent as to strip its own response capabilities and confuse emergency response personnel by concentrating so many drills on one day? Who did organize all this to coincide with the 9/11 attacks? Donald Rumsfeld? Dick Cheney? Karl Rove? General Myers? Rudolph Giuliani? John Ashcroft? George Bush 41 and 43? Benjamin Netanyahu? Richard Perle? General Schumacher? Richard Clarke? Condolezza Rice? Or was it possibly all of the above and more? Either way we need to know.

I apologize if people already knew this stuff, but I couldn`t find anything about the drills on the forum and thought I`d go over it again. Politically this is some of the most damning evidence available against the official myth of al Qaida and 9/11, which is why I think it`s being avoided like the plague by our debunker friends. Let`s shove it right back in their faces where it belongs! The only possible response from the naysayers is either denial or to try and sell this as some form of a massive coincidence. In both cases they have lost before the debate starts, and they know it. That`s why there are no debates about drills on these forums. The reality is that so many drills would NEVER have been arranged on the same day for reasons of security and defense integrity, and no other day in US history has such an amazing concentration of drills. When faced with this incredibly suspicious stuff, what does it even matter what fire does to steel, or whether there were planes or not? 9/11 was an inside job either way, and the drills prove it.
The very real political consequence of exposing the drills, as opposed to other aspects of 9/11, is that public awareness of them means that it will be close to impossible for the US government in particular, and NATO governments in general, to comfortably stage such an elaborate false flag again. They will be too scared to get caught again like they were on 9/11, and as a consequence they are restricted to small actions where the amount and size of the accompanying drills can be kept small enough to escape notice. In a very real way therefore we can save the public from really huge false flag events for a generation by focusing on the 9/11 drills, because they would be nearly impossible to conduit through the bureaucracy without multiple drills and exercises to camouflage them. Making the drills impossible therefore makes terrorism impossible. This makes it well worth our time and effort to all become drill watchers and to make sure as many people as possible know about the 9/11 drills. Above all the presence of drills before and during "terrorist" attacks is one of the clearest signs of a synthetic terrorist event, and indeed they were present in Boston, in London in 05, in Madrid in 04 and in Oklahoma City in 1995. No synthetic terrorism can be performed by NATO governments without drills to hide them from decent, if naive, people in the bureaucracy, and no propaganda can work on people who have noticed this connection between drills and terrorism.
Good post but you forgot to mention a few.

Timely Alert II - Terrorism Drill
On the morning of the attack, personnel at the Fort Monmouth Army base in New Jersey were hours away from holding a drill, which was to run from September 11 - 12, which was to test preparedness as well as response to a large scale chemical attack. The exercise was to involve law enforcement and emergency responders including the New Jersey State Police and Fort Monmouth Fire Department. Just before the exercise was to commence, reports of the attack in New York City surfaced and "real world events overtook the exercise. This allowed for the Timely Alert II team to respond to the attacks, and arrive just after the 2nd tower collapse to assist with the lockdown of the immediate area. Another aspect of this drill was also oriented around the pentagon and a "simulated emergency" which was to take place later in the day at that location.

Operation Red Flag
Exercise Red Flag is an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Under the aegis of the United States Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC) at Nellis, the Red Flag exercises, conducted in four to six cycles a year by the 414th Combat Training Squadron (414 CTS) of the 57th Wing (57 WG), are very realistic aerial war games. The purpose is to train pilots and other flight crew members from the U.S., NATO and other allied countries for real air combat situations. This includes the use of "enemy" hardware and live ammunition for bombing exercises within the adjacent Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR).

Operation Jackal Cave
On 9/11 the US Nuclear Emergency Search Team also known as NEST was out of the country on its first foreign deployment since 1998. Because of the terrorist attacks the drill was terminated early. The exercise involved more than 500 personnel, 62 aircraft, 420 tons of cargo, and the CIA as well as a special operations force which would drill seizing a mock nuclear device that NEST would then disable.

Naval War College Economic War Game
On the morning of 9/11 Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp were engaged in an economic war game scenario with the Naval War College on 9/11. The game involved the use of carbon emissions trading software. Cantor Fitzgerald/ held the patent ( ) on software which would later be used in trillions of dollars' worth of carbon emissions trading. Carlton Bartels, CEO of Cantor’s, invented and held the patent on the computer-based system for simulated automated carbon trading. Bartels was operating this simulated game; it is alleged that his simulation administrator codes were stolen and the game was hacked into, which took the game from a simulation to a live game. There were 2605 deaths in 2 towers that day. Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp lost a total of 1153 people (That is just over 44% of the total deaths—a staggering proportion). Bartels was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. His widow subsequently located a buyer for the software technology: Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie Mae and Raines would eventually serve as the conduit through which Bartels' software would find its way to CCX (via the Joyce Foundation which Barack Obama was on the board of directors of at the time).

Also a few added notes about a few of the drills you already mentioned.

Vigilant Guardian
This drill was broken into 2 sides (red team aka attackers vs blue team aka defenders). NORAD was running the red team on the morning of 9/11, but a little known fact is that Canada was in charge of NORADS air defence role by being assigned the blue team aspect (aka defence of the Eastern US airspace during the drill)... which meant that Canada was unable to react as needed when the drills changed from drills (NORAD controlled) to real world (STRATMCOM controlled via hack/swapout).

Amalgam Virgo
This drill actually had 2 parts, one of which was ran in early June 2001 and is known as Amalgam Virgo 01 (the 01 aspect of the drill being centered mainly around cruise missile attacks, drone attacks and simulated hijackings), and a 2nd element of the drill which was scheduled for early spring 2002 which was classified after the 9/11 attacks took place but was brought up during various testimonies surrounding 9/11 (the 02 aspect of the drill being centered mainly around live-fly hijackings, with the specific MSEL/script of 2 aircraft (DELTA) being hijacked and crashed into the 2 WTC towers...).

Basic jist is...
NORAD setup the needed pieces via an assortment of drills (primary ones being Vigilant Guardian & Amalgam Warrior), STRAMCOM (using Global Guardian) hacked and overlapped elements to switch from drill (official) to real world (unofficial) using an assortment of past/future drill MSELS (primary ones being Amalgam Virgo 01 (Pentagon) & Amalgam Virgo 02 (WTC)), and then FEMA (Tripod II (WTC) / Timely Alter II (WTC/Pentagon)) deals with the response/loackdown for each real world element after the attacks take place.

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