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Hi skulb,
I am researching deeply into this matter and I have to say that while I found your article very useful for a starter, I later found it has some errors or misconception.

I name a couple to ask you further info:

Number 13:

13: Firemen (Pentagon)

"Aircraft crash refresher course" for firefighters. Scheduled for the morning of 9/11 in yet another amazing coincidence.
I don't see where "Aircraft crash refresher course" is mentioned, the entire article is just a collection of people THINKING that the event was a drill and suddenly realizing the event was real.

Nowere in the article is stated that a firefighters drill was scheduled for the morning of 9/11, and the ending paragraphs of the article are the following:

If a training exercise was scheduled to take place at the Pentagon that day, what precisely did it involve? When was it due to start? Who planned it? And why has its existence never been publicly admitted?
So the existence of this drill is purely hypotetical


7: Amalgam Virgo:

Air defend against rogue state cruise missiles/hijackings. A probable cover for the attack on the Pentagon, which was originally billed as, and also looked like, a missile attack rather than a plane crash.
Amalgam Virgo 01 is interesting. It has both a drone and a cruise missile on the cover, the face of OBL on the cover, it postulated an attack on the Pentagon... all very interesting, but the drill itself was done June 1-2 2001, not September 11.


Sorry if I play debunker this time, but the facts are those.
The measurements have indicated that Tower One collapsed in about 11 seconds, and Tower Two collapsed in about 9 seconds. (SHAYM SUNDER, NIST lead investigator)
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