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Originally Posted by waterwheel View Post
Actually no he wasn't! He was an ally of the USA way back in the 1980s during the Soviet/Afghan war. He fell out with America a very long time ago, long before 9/11.

And by the way he admitted to orchestrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the reason being because he was angry at the way the Palestinians were being treated and the fact that the USA was arming Israel. If you are old enough to remember way back in September 2001, that was the reason that the left and the anti-war movement was giving for why the attacks took place because muslims around the world were very angry at America's support for Israel which was oppressing the Palestinians.

Oh and by the way even arch anti-state website Indymedia no longer believe in any of the 9/11 conspiracies. If you think you have damning evidence of 9/11 being an inside job though post it here: And see what they have to say about it! And they are about as anti-establishment as you can get!
The official explanation, for which there is absolutely no proof except the fake confession tapes you`re referencing here, is also a conspiracy theory. You`re basically trying to use a totally unfounded conspiracy theory to ridicule conspiracy theories for which there is actual evidence. The truth is that you and the people on indymedia are scared conformists who enjoy the trendy subculture of fake, PC leftist protest, while being scared stiff to actually go against the establishment with evidence of criminality. And no issue is more overflowing with evidence of government criminality than 9/11 is.
I have nothing but contempt for that.

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