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Originally Posted by cosy_parker View Post
Hi skulb

Now anyone can see that there is a bit of a pattern on display with drills being held during real 'terror' events.

Obviously in the case of 9/11 the official story all occurred away from the drills, not like the London Underground 'bombings' where the same tube stations were used.

It could also be concluded that people who work in the airline industry would have been informed of these military drills because perhaps certain aircraft needed to be cancelled as to not impede the drills, thus the terrorists were able to plan for this day.

So I can't really see what the drills are telling us, perhaps the military were tipped off falsely that the attacks were due to take place in another location, thus they put drills out as a passive guard.

So all we know is that some drills occurred the rest is speculation.
I would call it reason myself. As you say, drills and false flag attacks go together. I think it is at the very least highly suspicious when the largest obvious false flag attack in recent memory is accompanied like this by a comprehensive array of drills of all sorts. In fact, if I had suspected false flag and been unable to find any drills I would consider that circumstantial evidence that it was not a false flag after all. But again, there are drills here in abundance.

I don`t quite get why you think that drills have to occur in precisely the same places as the actual attacks in order to be considered connected and operational to a false flag attack. Drills knocking out fighter responses, radar systems and normal emergency procedures are highly relevant to 9/11 I find, even though these drills (obviously) weren`t taking place inside the allegedly hijacked planes.
The significance is how each drill impacts either the response to or the investigation of an actual attack, or how it could have been used to conduit the operational resources of the attacks into the real world. In the case of 9/11 this is Able Danger and the associated operations and drills which handled the patsies, the firms/agencies responsible for planting explosives in the buildings etc. I now assume most or even all of these people to be dead though, as a Pharaoh would murder the pyramid builders to prevent them from revealing the pyramid`s secrets.

Anyway, this escalation on 9/11 was much too large to be some random emergency response procedure. Each drill takes months to plan and prepare and involves huge resources and manpower. Anyone who has ever communicated with bureaucrats know how impossible it is to move a bureaucracy, unless it moves itself when ordered to from above. So unless meticulously planned in advance this concentration of drills on 9/11 would have been physically and logistically impossible.

Thanks for the reply anyway. It`s nice with some critical questions

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