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Originally Posted by waterwheel View Post
Al Qaeda has repeatedly admitted responsibility to those attacks. See this:

Also the 9/11 terrorist attacks did not happen in isolation, previous to 9/11 Al Qaeda had mounted several daring attacks such as the attack on the USS Cole and the bombing of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. And after 9/11 Al Qaeda went on to bomb Bali, Madrid, Mumbai and London.

The 9/11 attacks were also the most investigated crimes in history see this:
They denied responsibility first you`ll recall. And besides, the US government founded and runs "al Qaida" so what this is supposed to prove even if it is true, against the mountain of suspicious evidence I have listed in this thread about the issue of the drills alone, I have no idea. I could confess to 9/11 as well and according to you that would end all need for any investigation, even though there is no credible evidence linking me, or "al Qaida" for that matter, to the 9/11 attacks.
And no, the 9/11 attacks were not "the most investigated crimes in history". They were not investigated at all for more than a year, at which point almost all the physical evidence had been deliberately destroyed. Then the 9/11 Commission was established with full political control through Phil Zelikow. The result of this investigation was announced in advance and was "shockingly" enough identical to the version Washington had insisted was true ever since the event. Hell, it was even in the title of the project, which was the "National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States". But 9/11 wasn`t a terrorist act. It was an act of organized treason, so even the title is a stinking lie.

When this commission had dutifully verified the official version the US government had been spouting since 9/11, in a report which was written before the commission was formed and which ignored all witnesses who didn`t confirm the official version, and which never once directed a single suspicious question at "officials", the US government went back no no investigation of any kind again.
The second "investigation" was NIST`s report, which took eight years to write and was a scientific fraud. In fact it was so errant it was recalled and rereleased a total of seven times, as each successive draft was ridiculed and laughed out of the room by everyone with even a modest scientific understanding.
And that`s it. This pathetic government coverup is what you`re claiming counts as investigation. This laughable "report" even admits that it basically has no idea why WTC 7 collapsed symmetrically and in free fall. I know though: It was blown up and any fool can see that. How come a government organ with the biggest eggheads around can`t?
The answer is obviously that they were hired to cover up the event and not to "investigate it".

One of your competent investigators destroying the crime scene. A felony crime in its own right, although not quite as bad as the neoloons blowing up buildings with people inside them to enable themselves to launch wars.

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