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Originally Posted by curly View Post
There you go yass,that's the thing about aliens,you never know what they're going to look like.

That's a cracking board you got there,i just had a quick look at the page you did on simulacrum.I've been looking for someone who thinks like jean beaudrillard,thanks very much for introducing me to him.I'd like to put a lot of the stuff you have on him onto this thread,would you mind?.
In regards to the bull's horn/ear,i was quite sure it was a horn,but if you include the bit at the top,yes it does then look like an ear.The phrase red rag to a bull popped into my head yesterday,obviously thinking about ragley hall[a gargantuan leap of faith into irrelevancies].Those little sperm like features are a bit strange,i get the feeling they want to join up with each other,maybe they will one day.Theres lot's more of them in that area,and i can't remember seeing that sort of feature anywhere else in britain.On one level there's probably a simple reason for them,like it's a small wildlife or conservation area,but on another level the same feature means something different.I'm off to have a little swot up on beaudrillard,nice one yass catch you later.
curly, yes, Jean Baudrillard does have some interesting things to say does he not? Of course you can use anything you like, no need to ask. It's all for sharing and enlightment, whatever appeals to a person to share (interest in sharing).

Oh, and thanks for the outlining. I clearly see the alien face now
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