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If you get time,have a look at the link below,point k which is at the bottom of the page relates to the dove mentioned in arthurian/christian tales.I'm not big on religion or arthurian tales,but the story seems to reflect something which i saw on the isle of sheppey in kent.It mentions a dove placing a wafer on the grail-stone every good friday,the image below shows what i think is a dove placing a wafer onto the top of a mans head.I don't suppose i'll ever find out what the holy grail is or even if it really exists at all,but in terms of it being placed on the man,that sort of makes sense if you go along the lines of the grail being within us all.I would'nt have bothered posting it if there did'nt seem to be some similarity with the old story. {DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WORKING] -Try the one below,not as much info but it's mentioned.
I've outlined the features i think are simulacra to the dove and wafer.The wafer obviously being in it's beak due to lack of fingers.The mans head can be seen outlined in the third image.

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