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Default Landscape Simulacra

The word simulacra is normally applied to shapes seen in the natural world,in rocks,trees etc.These links will give you an idea as to how the subject is viewed by some of it's modern pioneers,not sure about the second one but he seems well into it.

But the simulacra i want to deal with is the sort you find on google earth.As anyone who used to pop into the holy wells thread will know,i see quite a lot of stuff in the landscape.I won't be flooding this thread with images though,unlike the last one.
There's many forms of communication in the universe from speech to the written word,telepathy,hyroglyphs,symbols,sigils,a smack in the mouth etc.Then theres whatever communication plants and animals get upto and then theres the landscape itself.Which whenever i look at it,it seems to be trying to tell me something.I think my eyes are on a different radio station to a lot of peoples though,if you know what i mean.
You know those little synchronistic moments when a series of seemingly innocuous events come together,a little glitch in the matrix if you like,but they all mean something really profound to you at that moment in time.It's as though the world stops for a split second to make you take notice of something,like it was all planned and you were meant to be wherever you were,to see the things at that moment in time.That's what these land glyphs remind me of,little glitches in the matrix,that when tied up with place names and other associated information leave me thinking the world is a very strange place indeed and we don't know the half of it,yet.
Just a curious little fella from somerset up first,from the village of rapps.
The word rapping was around long before todays current understanding of the word.The meaning is still the same though,it's expressing yourself orally.The way the field that extends from his mouth and into the village of rapps says to me that's exactly what he is doing rapping.

Some more old english rapping
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