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Originally Posted by drakul View Post
Watch Zeitgeist Addendum (produced by the Venus Project) - features the hallmarks of Masonic/NWO brainwashing - toward the end we have a speech by Krishnamurti - he was groomed by the Theosophist Masons as the 2nd Jesus.

At about 2:00 the climax of the movie shows people staring at something as if hypnotized. And what are they staring at? An EYE. A big flashing EYE. The Masonic eye of Horus.

People stare transfixed at the Masonic EYE for awhile and then the Christian rips off his cross. Nobody else rips off their necklaces though - no Jewish Star of David or Satanic symbols or Muslim sickle moon and star gets tossed into the gutter.

What more do you want? Zeitgeist features all the hallmarks of NWO Free Masonry - right in your face.
Yeeees, and I saw a triangle at the begining of the film... I think it's that sort of powerful symbolism that hypnotized me towards accepting their masonic NWO...

No seriously; just a question: when you see this Krishnamurti guy; do you get to listen to what he says, or are you just caught on the idea that he is evil? ... well, there you go; that explains who is hypnotizing who.

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